10-ton biomass hot water boiler for school heating

With the improvement of infrastructure, many schools have established heating systems to create a comfortable office and learning environment for teachers and students. With the elimination of coal-fired boilers, many schools began to use gas-fired hot water boilers for heating. However, in some areas where natural gas is not very popular, at this time, biomass hot water boilers are an ideal choice.

Biomass hot water boiler, the fuel used is biomass pellets made from agricultural wastes such as straw, rice straw, bagasse, etc. Most of these wastes were previously burned or discarded. Now, after recycling and processing as fuel, it can be described as one-shot It not only avoids the damage they cause to the environment, but also realizes the use of waste and reduces the energy burden on the country.

There are two types of 10-ton biomass hot water boilers produced by zozen: DZL and SZL. Depending on the pressure, there are also 10-ton biomass normal-pressure hot water boilers and 10-ton biomass pressure hot-water boilers. Their heating The area can reach around 800-100000 square meters. As for which boiler to choose, you can choose reasonably based on your actual needs and capital situation.