15 tons of fuel oil condensing boiler supply

In the event of an accident when taking over, you should actively assist the staff to deal with it. 2). The shift staff should do: a. Remove ash and slag before the shift, and clean and wipe the operating place and operating equipment. b. Check the operating equipment thoroughly before the shift, and record the inspection results and the situation in the entire operation in a diary in detail. c. If there is an accident during the shift or the accident has not been dealt with, it should generally be dealt with after the boiler is in normal operation before leaving the post. d. During the shift, the pressure and water level should be normal, the combustion conditions should be stable, and the operation equipment should be in good condition.
Dezhou City, Shandong Province will eliminate 70 coal-fired boilers in the main urban area by October 30. The key areas of renovation include all coal-fired heating boilers, production boilers, catering service boilers, tea boilers, and bath boilers in the urban area.

In addition to eliminating 70 coal-fired boilers in the main urban area, all small coal-fired boilers in the no-burn zone and within the gas supply pipelines of gas companies must complete the coal-to-gas conversion work. Outside the gas supply range, all small boilers under 10 tons that do not involve large-scale livelihood issues will be shut down.
The investigation found that all the 70 boilers that need to be eliminated this time are equipped with coal-to-gas conditions. The Dezhou Environmental Protection Bureau provides three ways for companies using coal-fired boilers, namely the use of compressed natural gas, solar boilers and contract energy

c) When there is doubt about the equipment status according to the operation of the boiler; 3) Maintenance of the boiler A. The feed water of the boiler must be strictly treated, which is an important matter to extend the life of the boiler and ensure the safety of operation. The quality of the softening treatment of the feed water should be according to B /T1576-2008 “Industrial Boiler Water Quality” was implemented. B. The temperature of the feed water should be as close as possible to the temperature of the furnace body, its temperature is above 20 ℃; C. It is very important to ensure the normal operation of the water level control. Water shortage is one of the main causes of accidents and damage to the boiler. The low water level cut-off device must be regularly inspected and maintained. The flushing water level meter should not be lower than the bottom safe water level. If it is not cleaned once, it can be washed multiple times. But it must be flushed at the water level. The procedure for flushing the water level gauge has been detailed previously.

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The exhaust gas emitted by coal-fired boilers is one of the important sources of pollution. According to the rectification requirements of the national and central environmental protection inspectors, at the end of June 2017, coal-fired boilers with a steam capacity of 20 tons or less should be eliminated or renovated. To this end, all parts of the province actively rectified in accordance with the requirements. A few days ago, a reporter from Hubei Daily came to Suizhou to conduct an interview on the local phase out of coal-fired boilers.

3. If the corrosion is serious, the strength calculation should be done before the hydraulic test. 4. Hydraulic test steps: (1) The hydraulic test should be carried out when the surrounding air temperature is higher than 5℃, and when it is lower than 5℃, anti-freezing measures must be taken. Before the water pressure test, the inlet water temperature is kept at about 20℃-30℃. If the temperature is too low, the dew on the outer wall of the boiler may easily be confused with the incomplete conditions such as water seepage, which increases the difficulty of inspection. Uniform expansion, and the surface temperature is too high, can make the water droplets evaporate, so that the leakage is not easy to find.