6 tph WNS gas-fired firetube boiler project

 Application Field Food Industry

Application: Field

Food: Industry

Equipment Model :WNS6-1.6-Q

Capacity: 6 tph
Cooperating client:SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co., Ltd.
Highlights of the Equipment: There are explosion door and flame sensor in the boiler arrangement and so operation is safe and reliable.


Project Description

  SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co., Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing of fruit and vegetable juice concentrates. Boilers are typically indispensable pieces of equipment in the production, providing enough steam for evaporation concentration, sterilization, aseptic filling and other processes. In order to reach the latest goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, the company decided to introduce an energy-saving and environment-friendly steam boiler. ZOZEN has rich experience with beverage industry, making ZOZEN more trustworthy. ZOZEN provided them with one set of 6 tph steam boiler, which adopts a wetback structure with 3 passes. Thread smoke tube and condensator design make thermal efficiency reach above 98%. The most advanced international ultra-low nitrogen burner is used for low NOx emission requirements.

6 tph WNS gas-fired firetube boiler project 6 tph WNS gas-fired firetube boiler project

Client feedback

This steam boiler provided by ZOZEN is safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. They offered us a package boiler, which not only meets our production need, but also helps us save the time and costs of the installation. We are really appreciated with the punctual delivery time.