Advantages of WNS Series Tee Boiler

WNS boiler products adopt horizontal three-return wet back corrugated furnace tube structure. It is mainly composed of pot shell, furnace pot, flashback chamber, and smoke pipe.

The boiler adopts a wet-back, corrugated furnace tube structure, and the heating surface is symmetrically arranged. Effectively reduce the boiler thermal stress and improve the safe use and life of the boiler.

The boiler adopts highly efficient heat transfer threaded smoke pipe, which improves the heat transfer effect of the smoke pipe. At the same time, it has good thermal expansion and contraction properties, which can prevent deformation of the heated surface.

The steam boiler uses a low-positioned combustion chamber, which makes the boiler water level safer, the boiler steam space larger, and the steam quality is well guaranteed.

A steel tube fin type energy saver is arranged at the end of the boiler, which has high heat transfer efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.

The boiler adopts high-quality aluminum silicate encrypted insulation to reduce heat loss.

The heating surface of the boiler is adequately arranged, the boiler starts quickly, and the load rise time is short.

The boiler has access door holes for convenient maintenance.

The use of internationally renowned brand burners has achieved efficient combustion of the boiler, saving fuel, reducing pollution, noise and exhaust emissions.

The boiler adopts advanced mechatronics automatic control technology. Remote human-machine interaction and data sharing can be achieved through the mobile Internet.