Analysis of performance characteristics of electric heating steam boiler

The safety of electric heating steam boilers is reflected in: Leakage protection: When a boiler leaks electricity, it cuts off the power in time through the leakage circuit breaker to ensure personal safety. Water shortage protection: When the boiler is short of water, the heating tube control circuit is cut off in time to prevent dry burning damage to the heating tube. At the same time, the controller issues a water shortage alarm indication. Grounding protection: When the boiler shell is charged, the leakage current is conducted to the ground through the ground wire to ensure personal safety. Generally, the protective ground wire should be well-connected to the ground. Angle irons and steel pipes that are deeply buried in the ground are usually used as grounding bodies. Steam overpressure protection: When the boiler steam pressure exceeds the set upper limit pressure, the safety valve is activated, releasing steam to reduce the pressure.

The convenience of the electric heating steam boiler is reflected in: after the power is introduced into the electric control box, one-click operation, the boiler will enter (or leave) the fully automatic operation state. The amount of water in the boiler is reduced, and the control system automatically replenishes water from the water tank into the boiler through the make-up pump.

The rationality of the electric heating steam boiler is: in order to use the electric energy reasonably and efficiently, the heating power is divided into several sections, and the controller automatically turns on (cuts off) the cycle. After the user determines the heating power according to the actual needs, just close the corresponding The earth leakage circuit breaker (or press the corresponding switch). The segmented cycle switching of the heating pipe reduces the impact of the boiler on the power grid during operation.

The reliability of the electric heating steam boiler is reflected in that the boiler body is argon arc welded as a base, the cover is welded by hand, and it is strictly inspected by X-ray inspection. The boiler uses steel and is selected strictly according to the manufacturing standards. Boiler accessories are selected from domestic and foreign products and tested by the furnace to ensure long-term normal operation of the boiler.