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The main body of biomass pellets is pure wood raw materials, without any binders and additives. Only the wood chips are processed and compressed by professional machinery to change their density, strength and combustion performance, so that the density of the formed fuel is large, and the loose materials are “dense and seamless” Therefore, the overflow speed of volatiles is limited, and the burning time of volatiles is prolonged, so that most of the combustion reactions only proceed on the surface of the shaped fuel. When the air supplied by the stove is sufficient, the loss of unburned volatile molecules is very small, thereby reducing the generation of black smoke. Due to the dense texture of the molded fuel, the carbon structure remaining after the volatiles overflow is also relatively tight, the moving airflow cannot disintegrate it, and the combustion of the carbon can be fully utilized. It can be clearly observed during the combustion process that the blue flame wraps the bright carbon block, the furnace temperature is greatly increased, and the fuel time is significantly extended. The oxygen demand of the entire combustion process tends to be balanced, and the combustion process is relatively stable.


The boiler adopts the reciprocating grate, the combustion equipment most suitable for biomass fuel combustion. In terms of the structural design of the boiler, the furnace space is
larger than that of the traditional boiler. At the same time, a very reasonable secondary air is arranged, which is conducive to the full combustion of the large amount of volatiles that are precipitated instantly when the biomass fuel is burned.
I just bought a second-hand thermal oil device. When the biomass boiler was installed, I put the expansion tank on the ground. Before heating, I filled all the oil channels in the oil circuit with an oil pump. After the oil was filled, the expansion was turned off. The connection valve between the tank and the boiler, when the biomass boiler is heated, the boiler is already 270 °, but the temperature in the oven is less than 100 °, and the biomass boiler does not know what the reason is.
The insurance method is the “General Fuel Boiler” coal-fired invisible smoke rate of 98% (the kind of standards can be met there.); Upgradeable gas, natural gas, coal gas, rock gas, biogas, oil included (as long as it is replaced with fuel Matching burners, and low-nitrogen burners are not required), saving 10-30% gas. [Invention by the Chinese people. The CCTV 2CCTV “Focus on Focus” column broadcasts the brand “Perfect Boiler Black Technology”, and was awarded: Inner Mongolia Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Boiler and China Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Equipment. Never worry about environmental protection again. The participants can be checked on the official website. For more details, please visit: Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Gas Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler, Organic Heat Carrier Boiler
Biomass boilers are a type of boilers. Boilers that use biomass energy as fuel are called biomass boilers. They are divided into biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers, biomass hot air stoves, biomass heat conduction oil stoves, and vertical boilers. Biomass boilers, horizontal biomass boilers, etc.