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Steam boiler is a relatively good boiler currently sold. Because of its many types and models, it can meet the needs of various industry markets. The installation of a steam boiler is relatively simple. With the advent of winter, many customers ask us if a steam boiler can be used for heating. Today, zozen boiler will explain this knowledge for everyone.

A steam boiler can be used as a heating method, but it is currently used relatively rarely. For pure heating, the advantages of a hot water boiler are relatively more obvious.
Although the steam boiler has many advantages and its own performance is relatively good, if it is only used in the simple heating industry, it may be a little overkill. The steam boiler needs to use a heat exchanger as a medium, and the steam is converted into hot water through the heat exchanger In order to meet the heating needs of users. In this way, the operation process will be more troublesome, there is no convenience to directly use the hot water boiler, the process is simple, and it can also save energy and consumption.
The use of steam boilers for daily heating is not very effective, it is not economical, and there are many potential safety hazards. Therefore, in recent years, the use of steam boilers for heating has been relatively small. If it is only used for heating, Hot water boiler is a more suitable device for heating.