Cautions for operation during boiler startup

1. During the commissioning of the light and heavy oil guns, the patrol operator should observe the fire and atomization of the oil guns at the scene. If the combustion is found to be bad, he should promptly notify the central control room and immediately stop the operation of the oil guns to prevent The tail is contaminated by the hot surface, or heavy oil falls into the cold ash bucket, causing the slag crusher to roll. At the same time, the light and heavy oil systems in front of the furnace should be strengthened to prevent fire accidents caused by light and heavy oil leakage.

2. In the process of heating and boosting, the stress margin of the outlet header of the steam-water separator and convection superheater should be constantly monitored not to exceed the limit. If it is found that the stress margin is reduced, the increase of fuel quantity should be stopped to increase the time of heating and boosting.

3. In the process of heating and boosting, the monitoring of each heating surface and metal temperature should be strengthened, carefully control the intermediate point temperature (separator outlet steam temperature), adjust the temperature of desuperheating water and burner swing angle, and control the main steam temperature and reheated steam temperature Within the set value range.

4. During the start-up of the boiler, the monitoring of air pre-hot spot detection should be strengthened. When the alarm is found, it should be checked on the spot in time, and the soot blowing of the air pre-heater should be adhered to every second to prevent the fire of the air pre-heater. happened.

5. After the boiler is switched to pure DC operation, the water level in the recovery tank of the start-up system gradually decreases. At this time, the BD004 valve should be closed and locked to prevent the condenser’s vacuum from being reduced due to air leakage from the start-up system and affecting the normal operation of the unit.

6. When the steam temperature at the inlet of the boiler separator reaches the saturation temperature (100 ° C) for the first time and the second-layer heavy oil gun is put into operation, the boiler has a steam-water expansion process. At this time, attention should be paid to the water level control of the steam-water separator and deaerator. Prevent overruns.

7. When the boiler is operating in the wet and dry conversion area, its operating time should be shortened as much as possible, and the fuel control and separator water level should be kept stable, and the steam pressure stability should be strictly controlled according to the boost curve to prevent the boiler heating surface. Fluctuations in metal temperature.