Do you know what the steam boiler should do before starting?

For every enterprise using a steam boiler, in order to make a living and develop, we pay full attention to all aspects of heating quality, management and management. As long as we coordinate the interests of all parties, we can better promote the development and better of the company. Serving citizens. What should the new plant’s steam boiler do before it starts? We organize some notes for you.

The hydrostatic test checks the tightness of the pressure-bearing parts. The purpose of the hydrostatic test is to check the strength and tightness of the pressure-bearing parts. The boiler of the new installation shall be subjected to an overpressure test with a working pressure of 1.25 times. Generally, after checking the pressure parts, for example, replacing or repairing some valves, boiler tubes, headers, etc., and after small and medium repairs of the boiler, the operating pressure test is performed.

For the testing of auxiliary machines and the verification of each electric door and damper, the use of the boiler cannot be stopped for many times, so many enterprises will be equipped with auxiliary boiler machines. Main power emergency services.

Remove moisture from the furnace walls and boiler tubes. Allow the boiler to achieve a degree of drilling to avoid the furnace wall from being wet when the boiler is running, and to form cracks in the furnace wall after sudden and uneven heating. The gray joints on the furnace and the furnace wall together achieve relatively good strength, and the furnace wall is resistant to high temperatures. talent.