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The powerful gas spring makes lifting and lowering your spa cover more comfortable than you ever imagined! Requires 42" of clearance to work effectively; will fit spa covers up to 6 In. full. Overall: 50” H x 27” W x 45.7” D

Hot Tub Heaters: Gas vs. Electric

GAS SPA HEATERS Gas spa heaters, such as the Pentair MasterTemp or the Raypak 106A, are powered by either propane or natural gas. They can be used for inground spas, free-standing wooden hot tubs, or even for portable spas if installed outside of the spa cabinet.

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  • Hayward W3H150FDN Universal H-Series 150,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas

    Shop for a Propane Gas Heater for Spa and Hot Tubs

    Hayward W3H400FDP Propane Gas Inground Pool and Spa Heater 400,000 BTU/HR Now with Cupro Nickel Heat Exchangers Presenting Hayward’s world-class heater with an Earth-friendly conscience the Universal H-Series heater!

    Shop for Natural Gas Heaters for Spas and Hot Tubs

    Hayward W3H200FDN Natural Gas Inground Pool and Spa Heater 200,000 BTU/HR Now with Cupro Nickel Heat Exchangers Presenting Hayward’s world-class heater with an Earth-friendly conscience the Universal H-Series heater! While… $2,099.00 Out of stock …

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    Mar 01, 2016· Using electric heat might take 7 to 8 hours to bring that spa up to set temperature. Using gas heat for hot tubs can cut this time to maybe only take 3 to 4 hours, (depending on the gas heater size). However, the bigger they are the more they cost.


    A gas spa heater requires tubing. In most jurisdictions, only a licensed technician is allowed to tap into the natural gas lines in your home. Additionally, installing gas lines may require the use of flaring tools, a special set of tools designed to cut and manipulate copper tubing. Continue reading below …

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    Apr 16, 2021 · Swimming Pool Heaters – Natural Gas / Pool …

  • Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas

    Electrical Code Rules That Make Your Pool and Spa Safe

    The disconnect must be installed within sight of the pool or spa but can be no closer than 5 feet from the pool or spa so that you cannot turn the power on or off while leaning out of the water. Public spas must have an emergency disconnect that is visible and at least 5 feet from the spa, but this rule does not apply to single-family dwellings.

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    The GFCI breaker can be located either in your main home panel or in a separate breaker box. See diagrams below for examples of each. CIRCUITS USED FOR THE SPA MUST BE DEDICATED – no other appliances, lights, etc. should be on these circuits at any time. WIRES GOING TO YOUR SPA MUST BE THE APPROPRIATE GAUGE FOR YOUR SPA.

    Gas Pool & Spa Heaters – Zodiac Australia

    Gas heaters draw heat from a flame which makes them very effective for heating pools and spas quickly. These heaters can run on natural gas or LPG tanks and are an ideal choice for anyone who uses their pool or spa spontaneously or occasionally, such as on the weekends or if friends come to visit. JXi Natural Gas Pool Heater


    American Spas 6-Person 56-jet Square Hot Tub. Welcome to your own private sanctuary of relaxation with the 6 person bench spa by American Spas™. Combining classic design, cutting-edge technology, and afford ability, the AM-L756B spa turns your backyard or patio into a private escape, while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience unlike any other.

    Gas-Fired Pool and Spa Heater

    Gas-Fired Pool and Spa Heater Bronze ASME and Polymer Low NOx Heat Exchanger Models 207A, 266L, 267A, 337A, 399L, and 407A A S M E HW … POWER Supply voltage: See page 20 for acceptable input voltages. VENTING Materials: See pages 8, 10 and 12. D-2 Power Vent Kit: See page 12.

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    Gas steamroom boiler units are used to power the most demanding commercial health club and spa steam showers. Each gas steam shower boiler unit provides commercial facilities with a robust, efficient, and cost friendly solution for their steamrooms.

    What is the best way of heating a pool and spa? – Momentum …

    A 400Mj/hr gas heater will heat the spa water in approximately 40 minutes which seems about as long as most customers want to wait around to heat their spa water. Energy input required to heat the spa water not accounting for “ losses ” = 4.2J x 1,500,000 x 20 = 126MJ.

    Choosing Gas or Electric for your Hot Tub

    If you prefer the convenience of gas or electric heat, order your hot tub with our Power Pak® gas or electric heating systems. All our Power Pak® systems are 100% integrated to give you fingertip control over water temperature, hydrotherapy jets, and programmable water filtration/circulation cycles.

    Hot Tub and Spa Heaters – Electric? Gas? Great Northern®

    You shouldn’t use gas outdoors in the wintertime because gas heaters must be in a heated environment. Some dealers will install gas heaters outside, but every winter these heaters will freeze and cause damage to both the heater and the tub. Tub and spa warranties do not cover damage from freezing. Homeowner policies don’t either.

    Planning to Buy a Hot Tub Spa

    Ozonators automatically inject sanitizer into the spa water in the form of Ozone gas, making the spa easier to care for. Make sure you ask your salesperson which options are available on the particular model spa you are interested in as all options are not available on all spas.

    Gas Pool Heaters | Pentair

    With so many gas heaters to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your pool or spa. Designed to efficiently heat any size pool or spa, a Pentair gas pool heater will have your warm the water to your desired temperature in a hurry. Gas swimming pool heaters are …

    TOP 7 Best Pool Heaters | Buyer’s Guide 2021

    Hayward HP50TA 50,000 BTU Heat Pro Heat Pump. The Hayward HP50TA HeatPro heat pump is …

    Warm your spa or pool with a tankless water heater – EcoSmart

    Aug 29, 2014· However, gas or electric tankless water heaters only use energy when homeowners need it. Just as tankless heaters can turn a shower from cold to hot in seconds, a properly sized unit can handle the on-demand heating needs of a moderately sized pool while using a fraction of the energy a traditional heater would.

    Gas versus Electric operating cost – Cedar Hot Tubs

    Capital cost for a more elaborate gas heater with the additional digital spa pak can be $1000. Energy Usage. The amount of energy used by a 5ft 5in OD cedar hot tub, with an insulated floor, is in the order of 30 kW-hrs/day during a moderate winter season (similar to NYC or London). At 5 cents/kWhr this cost you .05 x24 x30 = $45/month, during …

    Natural Gas Pool Heaters from 6 Manufacturers – In The Swim

    Up to3%cash back· Any handy homeowner can purchase, place and plumb a natural gas pool heater. Place on a sturdy non-combustible base, adjacent to the pool filter, with clear sky above and plenty of air space around the heater. Cut the return pipe …


    Warmup Considerations. It takes many hours for a spa heater to make much difference in the water …

    Gas Pool Heaters & Pool Heat Pumps – Hayward Pool Products

    The greatest benefit of gas pool and spa heaters is that they heat your pool and spa in minutes or hours versus the hours or days required initially to warm the pool with a heat pump. Gas heat is ideal if you don’t use your pool or spa on a daily basis, and just want to heat your pool or spa as needed.

    What You Need to Know About Spa Heating | Sapphire Spas

    A highly insulated spa shell is the best way to reduce heat loss and keep running costs to a minimum. Our heatlockthermo+ 4 stage insulation system allows Sapphire to create the most energy efficient spa in the world today. Gas heaters. The biggest draw card for gas heating systems is …


    Propane-powered heaters are proven to warm pools and spas more quickly than electric heat pumps, and they maintain that heat better in cold weather. You can add a powerful propane patio heater to conveniently keep the pool deck warm, too.

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    Our expertise allows us to properly place tanks, whether buried or above ground, and run gas lines to pool and spa heaters that preserves the beauty of your home. Propane powered pool and spa heaters are a more efficient method of heating. Plus, it is easier to control the temperature and provides quick heating for pools and spas.