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zozen Boiler, as a well-known boiler supplier at home and abroad, has made many changes in response to the current actual situation and to adapt to the pace of development of the medical industry. In order to expand the scale, Wuhan Iron and Steel General Hospital recently added 21 floors of inpatient buildings, so the demand for steam is very large. At the same time, in response to the national green development concept, Wuhan Iron and Steel General Hospital urgently needs to buy a low-nitrogen combustion type gas boiler for sterilization and disinfection of daily medical equipment, in-patient bed sheets and quilts. WISCO General Hospital, after screening many well-known boiler manufacturers from various aspects such as equipment, products and comprehensive strength of enterprises, was attracted by the outstanding performance and outstanding environmental protection technology of zozen boiler products, and purchased 10t / h and 6t / h respectively WNS series gas steam boilers successfully solve the problem of boiler equipment selection. WNS series gas boiler operating in Henan Nanyang Second People’s Hospital WNS series gas steam boiler operating in Shangqiu First People’s Hospital


As a well-known boiler enterprise exported by Jiangsu Province, zozen Boiler not only covers the whole country, but also extends across Asia to Africa, Oceania, Eastern Europe, America and other places, and exports to more than 100 countries and regions. With strong comprehensive strength, Zhongzheng Boiler has a large market share in the Nanjing market, especially in areas where high-tech enterprises such as Lishui, Gaochun, and Jiangning gather. Among them, the market share of Lishui District boilers is as high as 90%. Many other boiler companies are discouraged.


WNS series steam boiler is one of zozen boiler’s hot products. It is an environmentally friendly gas boiler designed according to advanced technology and experience at home and abroad. It has safety and reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance, and automatic intelligent control. Features, has a good reputation and excellent project performance in the steam boiler market, such as Nongfushangquan, twin feed, China Railway Bureau and many other well-known enterprises and institutions have adopted this boiler equipment.


The supporting equipment at the end of the furnace body of the zozen heat conduction oil boiler are: waste heat boiler, energy saver, air preheater, steam generator, heat conduction oil and flue gas integrated waste heat boiler, etc., customers can choose the appropriate supporting equipment according to their own process characteristics, Fully automatic operation is achieved, and the actual utilization rate of thermal energy is increased.


On April 18, 2016, the evaluation team of China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, based on “Special Equipment Manufacturing, Installation, Renovation, and Maintenance License Appraisal Evaluation Rules” and related regulations and standards, increased the company’s Class A boiler manufacturing license Item appraisal and review. The person in charge of city special procuratorate guidance, company guidance and system attended the first and last meeting. This additional work is one of the company’s key tasks in 2016. The management department carefully planned and formulated a detailed plan, clarified the work priorities and requirements, organized the person responsible for the quality assurance system to revise and perfect the quality assurance system documents, and implemented the technical documentation integrity and system documents. , Personnel equipment and on-site software and hardware conditions, etc., and according to the 17 elements of the boiler manufacturing license appraisal and evaluation requirements, the whole process of the product implementation, comprehensive one-by-one inspection, active coordination and guidance, and lay down for the successful approval of the addition Solid foundation. At the final meeting, the review team agreed that the company passed the A-level boiler addition appraisal review.