industrial boiler manufacturers in india

1. Overview The expansion of the economic and trade seals in the merger, and the in-house manufacturers to take over industrial boilers and turbo boilers in India. Recently, our company has taken over industrial boilers. The manufacture of this boiler must be made in accordance with the Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR). Several key points in the production process: such as approval of design drawings, acceptance of raw materials (mainly referring to steel plates, pipes and valves of pressure-bearing parts), welder examination, welding process evaluation, etc.

3 × 300 MW boiler high-temperature superheater export headers of Sagardighi power plant and Durgapur power plant construction project in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, specifications φ609.6 mm × 110 mm, using domestic steel 12Cr1MoVG steel, on-site welding using Indian welding materials The process characteristics of thick-walled header and large-diameter tube welding emphasize that when 12Cr1MoVG steel is welded with Indian welding materials, attention should be paid to argon-filled protection, preheating, control of interlayer temperature and welding line energy, and multi-layer multi-pass Welding and post-weld heat treatment. Practice has proved that good welding joints can be obtained according to this welding process.

Through in-depth discussion of the difficulties and problems encountered by the Indian boiler project, we adjusted the management ideas and management methods in a timely manner, and adopted the domestic mature welding management experience for the management of the Indian subcontractor IBR welder during the construction process The construction plan will accumulate experience for the smooth development of the company’s international projects in the future.