Malaysian 28-ton low-nitrogen combustion gas boiler project

Zheng Guo has many international certifications such as ASME, EU, Russia, etc., including Malaysian DOSH certification, which also allows zozen boilers to completely open the Southeast Asian market and become a key localized alternative enterprise in the boiler industry.

The 28-ton SZS gas steam boiler purchased by Malaysian customers from Zheng Guo this time is used for incineration of waste gas to produce combustible gas. In other words, the boiler fuel is not common natural gas, biogas or liquefied petroleum gas, but a new gas fuel provided by the customer to meet the boiler design requirements (fuel needs to be field tested in the early stage of the boiler design to see if it is combustible , Calorific value).

In August 2017, the zozen boiler project engineer visited a customer in Malasia to guide the installation of the 28-ton boiler. The boiler has been installed and is expected to be commissioned in January 2018