Suitable steam boilers for the food industry

The development of the food industry is related to human health. In daily production, a steam boiler is an indispensable device. From the analysis of customer cases, the food industry has a large demand for steam boilers, of which the use of oil and gas boilers accounts for a large proportion. Today, with strict environmental protection requirements, coal-fired boilers have been renovated due to non-compliance with pollutant emissions. Oil-fired and gas-fired boilers are favored by the food industry due to their significant environmental protection characteristics.
For food plants, steam boilers account for the largest proportion of boiler applications. Steam boilers in food plants mainly transport steam through pipelines, which require constant steam temperature and constant pressure, and even the quality of steam determines the quality of food delivered from the factory. Food plant steam boilers are mainly used in the processes of distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, aging and other processes in food processing. High-temperature steam is used to cook, dry and sterilize food.
Steam is one of the main energy sources of the plant. Due to the needs of the production process, almost all of the production processes such as steam refining, molding, primary drying, and secondary drying of the first and second projects, as well as various heat exchangers, require steam. However, the steam pressure of the boiler required by the food company is determined according to the customer’s actual production and processing technology: for example, in the fumigation and disinfection stage, the rated steam pressure below 1.6MPa is usually sufficient. However, up to now, among the more than 600 boilers that Fangkuai Boiler has applied to the food industry, there are indeed more special food factory process uses, but the design pressure has not exceeded 25 kg.
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