The working principle of gas hot water boiler

The working principle of gas hot water boiler

In the supply of industrial hot water, gas boilers are in the form of energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers. This kind of boiler is favored by the market for the supply of hot water. The working principle of gas hot water boilers is different from the traditional boilers. How does it work?

First of all, the gas hot water boiler is a large-scale thermal energy equipment, which converts the chemical energy of the fuel into heat energy, and uses the heat energy to heat the water in the boiler to make it into a hot water of sufficient quantity and quality for the use of enterprises and institutions. In other words, the boiler is the main working process of fuel combustion, heat transfer, water heating and vaporization, and steam superheat.

Secondly, the fuel used in the gas hot water boiler is natural gas, which is a flammable gas fuel. It is necessary to spray the mixed gas into the furnace of the boiler through the burner, and fill the furnace with the ignition device on the combustion head. The mixed gas ignites, producing hot water.

At the same time, the inlet and outlet of the gas hot water boiler are all water, most of which are forcedly circulated by the pressure of the water pump, and some of them are naturally circulated in the boiler body by the serious difference caused by the different water temperatures.

1. In the water system, tap water enters from the cold water pipe. The cold water pipe is provided with a cold water solenoid valve, a check valve, a gate valve, and a bypass gate valve. The function of the cold water solenoid valve is to automatically control the intake of cold water. When the cold water solenoid valve is opened, the cold water enters the gas boiler through the pipeline; when the cold water solenoid valve is closed, the pipeline is cut off and the cold water stops flowing. The function of the check valve is to prevent hot water from flowing back and mixing with cold water. The bypass gate valve is used as a backup channel for temporarily entering cold water when the cold water solenoid valve fails.

2. Gas channel system, the gas channel is equipped with pressure gauge, ball valve, filter, pressure reducing valve, flow meter, burner valve group, etc. The gas is used as the fuel for the burner. The fuel is burned in the furnace of the gas boiler. The high-temperature flue gas flows back into the first flue tube bundle through the reburning chamber along the furnace, and then turns 180 ° into the second The flue tube bundle finally enters the tail flue after convection heat exchange, and exhausts the flue gas into the atmosphere through the chimney. Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler is equipped with an exhaust pipe that communicates with the atmosphere and does not withstand any pressure. This is the biggest difference between it and a high-pressure boiler. When the hot water reaches the set temperature, the cold water solenoid valve opens, and the cold water pressure is used to press the hot water burned in the boiler into the heat preservation water tank through the upper circulation pipe. While the hot water in the gas boiler flows into the insulated water tank, cold water is refilled from the cold water pipe. The thermal insulation water tank is connected with a hot water pipe to provide hot water, and the pipe is equipped with a hot water solenoid valve, which can provide users with selective hot water supply according to time. The bypass gate valve beside the solenoid valve can skip the hot water solenoid valve and directly connect to the pipeline as a long-term water supply. A liquid level probe is installed on the insulated water tank, and the boiler automatically stops boiling water when the water tank is full. A temperature probe is installed in the water tank. When the water temperature drops to the set temperature, the hot water is pumped into the boiler through the circulating water pump of the lower circulation pipe to be reheated.

3. Electrical control system. The gas boiler adopts an automatic control system. The automatic control system is the control center of the entire gas hot water boiler system. Users can adjust the operation of the hot water boiler system through the automatic control system.