There are many methods for emergency shutdown of gas steam boilers

There are many methods for emergency shutdown of gas steam boilers:

(1) First stop the air supply and air supply, the burner stops, and weaken the induced wind.

(2) According to the nature of the accident, some should be released into the furnace for combustion, and some should not be released. The price of gas-fired boilers allows you to leave the Casa heating fee on holiday: For shaking the grate, the coal should be shaken directly into the ash hopper. For chain furnaces, the grate should send coal to the dust hopper at the highest speed. After burning coal into the ash hopper, it can be quenched with water or pressed with sand, wet furnace ash on the coal to extinguish the fire, but under no circumstances should water be poured into the furnace to cool the boiler.

(3) After the boiler is turned off, the main steam valve should be closed to make the main body more powerful than knowledge. The steam pipe is separated from the steam main pipe, and the induced draft fan is turned off at the same time. Depending on the nature of the accident, the air valve, safety valve and superheater trap can be opened as necessary to quickly discharge steam and reduce pressure.

(4) Open the economizer bypass flue, close the main road flue, and open the large flue baffle, gray door and furnace door to promote air circulation and improve the cooling rate.

(5) During emergency shutdown, if there is no shortage of water or full water, people armed with knowledge are invincible. They can use water supply and sewage to accelerate cooling and reduce boiler pressure. When the water temperature drops below 70 ℃, the pot water can be drained.

(6) If the boiler is emergency shut down due to the lack of water in the boiler, it is strictly forbidden to supply water to the boiler, nor can it be named after opening the air valve or lifting the safety valve. What does Frank do to adjust the exhaust gas to prevent the boiler from being suddenly The temperature or pressure changes to expand the accident.

(7) When it is determined that the boiler is indeed full of water, the water supply should be stopped immediately, the ventilation and the flue baffle should be closed to reduce allergies, mv weak combustion, and the sewage valve should be opened to discharge the water, so that the water level is appropriately reduced; Steam traps on pipes, superheaters, steam mother pipes and sub-cylinders to prevent large amounts of steam from carrying water and water flushing in pipes

2. Emergency shutdown of gas hot water boiler

(1) During emergency shutdown, the fuel supply should be stopped immediately, if necessary, remove the coal burning in the furnace or use fire ash to suppress the fire.

(2) If the circulating water pump is normal, the pump must not be stopped immediately, and the operation of the circulating water pump can only be stopped when the temperature of the boiler outlet water drops below 50 ° C.