What are the advantages of gas steam boilers?

With the development of society, the relevant departments’ control over environmental pollution has become increasingly strict. Many users are becoming more cautious about boiler selection. In recent years, gas-fired steam boilers have been welcomed by more and more people. So how much do you know about gas-fired steam boilers? Henan Sitong Boiler will explain them in detail below.

reliable quality
The gas-fired steam boiler of zozen boiler adopts boiler special steel plate, and the production materials and manufacturing processes are strictly implemented in accordance with high standards. After testing by relevant departments, all indicators can meet national standards.

Operational safety
The gas-fired steam boiler of zozen boiler has a compact structure, a small footprint, and is safe and reliable to use. The steam boiler is equipped with safety protection devices. Over-temperature and over-pressure will automatically alarm to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Energy efficient
The gas-steam boiler launched by zozen boiler can save a lot of fuel costs for the enterprise. It does not need to spend a lot of money to purchase a large amount of coal-carbon fuel. It only needs to use natural gas with good cleanliness to output sufficient steam; it also does not need to prepare fuel storage. Site, just connect the pipes.


What are the advantages of natural gas boilers?

Natural gas boilers have good steam. The large-capacity annular steam chamber located on the upper part of the boiler and the steam (water) separation measures make the boiler efficiently and stably supply steam for a long time; its water level protection device is also more complete, and the extremely low water level protection is built in the furnace Detecting changes in boiler water level to prevent accidents caused by dry burning of the furnace body, what are the advantages of fully automatic environmentally friendly gas boilers?

What are the advantages of fully automatic environmental protection gas boilers?

1. Strong working reliability

In order to fully guarantee the safety of the use of gas boilers, automatic environmental protection gas boilers have been upgraded with high-quality safety accessories, such as high-quality safety valves and globe valves, liquid level electrodes (automatically imported products), pressure gauges and pressure controllers. The accessories make it possible to operate the boiler reliably. The working principle of the gas boiler shows that it is suitable for some places with high requirements for “working reliability”.

2. High thermal efficiency

The automatic gas boiler has overpressure interlock protection. When the inner pressure of the boiler exceeds the set value, the heater is prohibited from working and an alarm is prompted. At the same time, it also greatly improves the thermal compliance. The specially designed spoiler inside the smoke tube enhances convection And heat exchange, so that the thermal compliance of the gas boiler is increased compared with ordinary boilers, so that the heat is fully displayed.

3. Elegant appearance

The company that supplies professional gas boilers introduces that it is not only equipped with high-quality plc and touch screen control system, it has strong anti-jamming ability, easy maintenance and long-term stability, and the automatic gas boiler is elegant in appearance. It has a three-dimensional compact structure. Elegant and relatively small area, elegant and bright shape is the best choice to increase the space grade.

Therefore, the quality of the fully automatic environmental protection gas boiler is excellent. The safety design makes the installation and later maintenance more time-saving. The imported burner makes the gas boiler more thermally efficient. The high degree of automation can save energy and protect the environment. Its product structure and features have many advantages. , So the gas boiler can provide high-quality hot water at any time to meet the actual needs of customers.